Monday, 15 August 2011

thomas the tank engine - 1st birthday cake

my first post for a short while -  and my first attempt at a thomas the tank engine birthday cake for my nephews.
i chose a coconut cake with coconut flavoured butter cream. i usually always stick to my tried and tested chocolate or carrot cake recipe but thought i'd use this opportunity to try something new. i covered the cake with light blue fondant icing, which i also used to make the cake topper and decorations.
the cake topper took the best part of the day - as the face was tricky to get right. i took my inspiration for my cake from pictures of existing celebration cakes from the internet. i also found an excellent tutorial for making the fondant thomas cake topper on you tube.

i didnt ice the cake board as i had officially lost the will to live after spending all day on it (as much as enjoyed it - i'd had enough). Plus i didn't think it needed it as it may detract attention away from the cake - well that's my excuse anyway and i'm sticking to it!
i did intend on taking step by step pics but with my hands covered in icing sugar and fondant colouring paste i didn't want to wreck my new camera - however my husband took a few of the cake topper for me, although a little out of focus - sorry!

i will put some ribbon around the edge of the board later before I deliver it.

i used sugar paste cutters for the flowers and hand cut the trees, grass, tunnel and track. I used a pizza cutter and knife to hand cut the other features and edible glue to attach them.

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