Saturday, 28 July 2012

made with love - # 1

my new project has been our baby's nursery as i am expecting this year. we found some beautiful wall paper that was quite neutral and would create a lovely accent wall. to finish off the wall  i wanted to create some handmade artwork, so i bought some white box frames from ikea and set about creating the art work to fill them.

 using a selection of laser cut plywood words, i then applied a few fairly thick coats of emulsion paint with a fine brush. I used an old tester pot which was lurking in the back of my cupboard from a past project. 

 i then used glass paper to smooth the top coat of paint, paying particular attention to the edges as concentrating on those areas would help to create a slightly distressed, antique finish.

 i mounted the completed letters on patterned craft paper with a duck egg and teal floral theme to match the colour scheme of the nursery. I used PVA glue and a fine brush.

i then positioned the artwork in the box frame and hung it on the wall. to complete the look I have 2 more box frames which i will be uploading soon to complete the accent wall in the nursery. 

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