Sunday, 12 August 2012

handmade diaper bag

I found a pattern for a nappy bag from an old edition of 'sew hip' (issue 34 Nov 2011), while looking for a new craft challenge, as I'm still on my hols. 
As my pram is black, I decided to use some black poly cotton that I already had in, so it would match (and it looks cleaner for longer!). 
As my nursery colour scheme is duck egg, I decided to use this 100% cotton fabric with this beautiful black and teal print, which I found at the local craft shop.  

I made paper pattern pieces using the measurements provided and then cut out the main and lining fabric pieces. The pattern stated iron on interfacing but I only had stitch and tear, which worked a treat but was a wee bit more fiddly when constructing the bag.  

Here I had just machine stitched the front pocket onto the bag

The handles were probably the most fiddliest as I didn't use iron on interfacing! No matter how many times I pressed the fabric into the centre before pinning and top stitching, it wasn't having any of it and I would have to start folding and pressing again. I did consider a handle-less bag for a short time!

Finally, I top stitched down both sides of each handle and then pinned and stitched them to the front and back of the bag. 

My cat - tom decided he would keep me company, for the day while I cut out and pinned my pattern pieces. 

After making the bag flap I hand stitched a magnetic button on and then machine stitched the flap onto the outside on the bag

 Here is an inside view of the outside bag piece so you can see the interfacing. When stitching the gusset plate to the bag panels it was a bit tricky around the corners. I made sure I pinned the fabric really well before machine stitching.

 I created inside pockets on the front and back panel of the bag. Each pocket consists of a folded rectangle of lining fabric, top stitched on the fold (raw edge at the bottom of the bag panel). By machine stitching down the centre it creates double pockets. I reinforced them with interfacing first.

After completing both the outside bag and lining, I pinned the lining (inside out and with a gap in the bottom) over the outside bag piece and machine stitched around the top edge. I actually forgot to leave the gap as I got a bit a carried away and had to unpick a hole- ooops!

 I then pinned and pressed the bag around the edges in preparation for top stitching. This keeps the edges nice, neat and flat and avoids the fabric looking bulky (as shown above).
The photo below shows the elasticated side pocket which I made. It has a pinch dart at the bottom to allow for bulky items. I stitched this onto the gusset plate before attaching it to the front and back panels of the bag, but got carried away so didn't take any pictures while constructing it.

Once I had top stitched around the edges of the bag, the last job was to slip stitch the gap closed in the lining

 Tada  ! - all done

Inside pocket in use

I'm really pleased with the results and cant wait to use it!

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  1. Your best blog yet! Looks shop bought. Enjoy the rest of your hols. :)