Sunday, 11 November 2012

made with love nursery wall art

Here's a photo of my completed wall art I made for the nursery.
The first one consists of painted, laser cut, wooden typography, (which already features on my blog).
 I never got round to photographing the other two until now. 
The second piece was constructed using buttons, which I attached in the heart formation using a hot glue gun. The last creation was created from a template, which I made from butterfly vectors that I found online. I copied and pasted them to a word document - cropped, arranged and printed them when I was happy with the layout. I then used my light box to lightly trace the outline on card using a pencil and cut the around the outside of the wings with a craft knife. I mounted some patterned card stock behind the butterflies. 
All ready for baby arriving in 2 days time! x

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